Why get the message halfway?
When you can get it your way... All the way...

Your color, logo and design,
ready for your message and customer!

Fully certified and pre-configured Scala units,
ready for a Scala-based digital signage network.

your brand, your message, your product

Instorescreen is the premiere manufacturer and provider of professional digital signage products. Our products are attractive, fully featured, built from grade “A” components with a robust and rugged casing making them retail proof and reliable.

We also design and build customized solutions just for your application. These projects start by fully understanding your brand to design a product that aligns with your marketing investment and company profile.

Using our proven technology you will have a cost effective and reliable solution allowing you to focus on communicating with your customer, instead of worrying about technology and maintenance.


Let Our Team Create an Awesome Project for You

We can design amazing solutions for you, based on your unique products, profile and branding. Why settle for anything less than awesome. We will also make sure that your investment lets you accelerate your business and not end up collecting dust as just another cool project. Check out our reference projects below and imagine how this could be your solution, at a very competitive price point.


Reference Projects

Our reference projects show you what a project looks like when making it into real-life environments.

Product Concepts

Our product concepts shows you some of our projects in 3d rendering stages of a project.

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Digital Times

Digital Signage brings a new form of messaging which harnesses the visual power of our digital age. It is capable of delivering your message to a location which is relevant to both the product and the audience. It can be experienced in shops, train stations, doctor’s surgeries, cinemas, corporate businesses, convenience stores, in fact it can be used in just about any location where your target audience is likely to be.

Henrik Andersson
CEO Instorescreen