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Smart Retail solutions adds value, interactivity and contextual information to shoppers. Creating smart, interactive and well integrated solutions in retail stores that increase sales and are prepared for analytics is our main objective.


INSTORE SCREEN is all about application specific solutions. Considering company branding, integration possibilities and the most cost effective technology is key for every application. Starting from the outside with the message, your company branding and profile and then selecting the best technology for the application works best.

This philosophy and experience is the basis for our Smart Retail solutions with shelf and endcap pre-integrated screens with optional cameras, touch screen, buttons, RFID and card readers. With seemless integration in Lozier and Maddix shelf systems.

Adding power without messy cables, extensions and power bricks everywhere is a challange. We have developed a safe, flexible and patented power distribution system called INTRACK. We continue develop application specific innovations that enable Smart Retail solutions become a natural part of the retail envirnoment.


Smart Retail optimized building blocks, developed from more than 10 years of experience listening to your needs and challenges.


Endcap integrated screens

Endcap integrated screens

Instorescreen´s INCAP is designed to integrate on the endcap of a fixture. The premium design will seamlessly blend into your retail environment without looking like another TV mounted as an afterthought. It gives your investment a high end look and feel.

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Shelf fixture integrated screens

Shelf fixture integrated screens

Instorescreen´s INSHELF is designed to integrate on the shelf of a retail fixture. The premium design will seamlessly blend into your retail environment without obstructing the stocking flow of the products on the shelf. Invisible installation of a different computer modules.

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Power distribution solutions

Power distribution solutions

Instorescreen´s INTRACK is designed to integrate power distribution to any number of electronic devices in your retail fixtures. They are safe and have a patented design. Get rid of the unsightly extension cords and replace them with an elegant INTRACK solution.



Flexible computer module monitor

Flexible computer module monitor

Instorescreen´s INFLEX is a premium design monitor solution. These monitors are designed to integrate interchangeable computer modules with a range of different processors, memory and storage depending on your needs.

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Powerful Android integrated screens

Powerful Android integrated screens

Instorescreen´s INSIGN is a premium design all-in-one and powerful Android solution. These screens are as sleek in the front as they are in the back, they also have powerful processors and generous amounts of memory and storage.

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