Thomas Thighe Trade Marketing, MATTEL NORTHERN EUROPE A/S

Tom Tighe, currently Trade Marketing Representative for Sweden at Mattel Northern Europe where he is responsible for the overall retail marketing of Mattel’s products. This includes planning and executing marketing campaigns with retailers, managing the production of POS (point-of-sales) materials and the effectiveness of these items in-store

Digital signage is a very important part of the overall trade marketing strategy within Mattel, it has been an extremely effective way to communicate with our consumers about our products. Local and strategic placement in the retail environment is vital to influence our consumers in their purchasing decisions. And our partners are positive about having them since the solutions entertain, inform and attract customer to the shelves where our products are placed. It is also an effective way to reinforce the work that we have done through other media channels such as TV, online and print. For Mattel, Trade Marketing is a vital part of the total promotional effort and digital signage is a key tool in increasing sell-through and building a strong relationship with our consumers as well as our retailers.

In the future we are looking for more innovative and unique solutions since more companies are using digital signage, which means that we need to stand-out from the crowd. We are also looking forward to being able to control the content displayed on the screens remotely as opposed to physically replacing a memory card. This is a natural shift required to manage and control the rapid changes in the market place as well as taking advantage of new business opportunities.

Tom Tighe

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